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Vitamin A: Poorest Foods (per portion)

Vitamin A comes from 2 sources: Retinol and beta-Carotene.
Vitamin A plays a role for growth, skin, and both low-light and color vision.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Vitamin A Rich Foods
0%0µggravy, mushroom, canned (60ml)
0%0µgbeef broth (250ml)
0%0µgchicken broth (250ml)
0%0µgonion soup (250ml)
0%0µgsauces, mustard, brown, prepared, ready-to-serve (5ml)
0%0µgbeerwurst, beer salami, pork (55g)
0%0µgbologna (baloney), pork (55g)
0%0µgchorizo, pork and beef (55g)
0%0µgham, sliced, regular, (approximately 11% fat) (55g)
0%0µgham, cured, minced (55g)
0%0µgknackwurst, knockwurst, sausage, pork, beef (55g)
0%0µgluncheon meat, beef, thin sliced (55g)
0%0µgluncheon meat, pork, beef (55g)
0%0µgsausage, pork and beef, fresh, cooked (55g)
0%0µgsalami, dry or hard, pork (30g)
0%0µgsmoked link sausage, pork (55g)
0%0µgthuringer, cervelat, summer sausage, beef, pork (55g)
0%0µgbeerwurst, (beer salami, bierwurst), beef (55g)
0%0µgblood sausage (55g)
0%0µgbratwurst, fresh pork, cooked (55g)
0%0µgwiener (frankfurter), beef (55g)
0%0µgwiener (frankfurter), chicken (55g)
0%0µgheadcheese, pork (55g)
0%0µgmortadella, beef, pork (55g)
0%0µgpeppered loaf, pork, beef (55g)
0%0µgsalami, cooked, beef (55g)
0%0µgsalami, dry or hard, pork, beef (30g)
0%0µgturkey roll (55g)
0%0µgluncheon meat, chicken loaved (55g)
0%0µgluncheon meat, unspecified meat, loaved (55g)
0%0µgluncheon meat, mock chicken, loaved (55g)
0%0µgpizza loaves (55g)
0%0µgsalami, cooked, pork (55g)
0%0µgspiced ham sausage (55g)
0%0µgweetabix alpen (muesli) (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's bran flakes (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's crispix (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's corn flakes (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
0%0µgweetabix (55g)
0%0µggeneral mills golden grahams (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's rice krispies (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's special k (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's corn pops (30g)
0%0µgquaker puffed wheat (15g)
0%0µgvinegar (15ml)
0%0µgkellogg's all bran (30g)
0%0µggeneral mills cheerios (30g)
0%0µgapple juice, canned or bottled, without added v... (250ml)
0%0µgfig, dried, uncooked (40g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin A Rich Foods
2868%20074µgveal liver (100g)
1112%7782µglamb liver (100g)
772%5405µgpork liver (100g)
653%4569µgliver sausage (55g)
488%3416µglingcod liver (125g)
341%2384µgcarrot juice (250ml)
162%1137µgeel (100g)
151%1057µgsweet potato (110g)
144%1007µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
117%819µgraw tuna (125g)
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